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With internet getting cheaper and net neutrality given a  go ahead in India, free accessable knowledge anywhere, anytime is there to stay in India. With the ever increasing innovations and discoveries  in our field it’s difficult to remember and recollect the things we have learnt during our residency and fellowship programs let alone know everything. Further with more  and more people joining fellowship programs to be a super specialist,  the idea of a “pan –ophthalmologist ” would cease to exist. Having said that there are many residency programs in India which do not offer adequate exposure to all subspecialties. 

The objective of  FLASH NOTES  is that through a common forum we can have simple factual, concise details of common conditions we see in our day to day life. Further it should be easily accessed, shared and possibly used during exams as a last minute revisions for post graduates . Flash notes aid in quick read, understand and memorize facts. Flash notes are a great on-the-go study resource that allow you to learn virtually anywhere. 

In our flash notes we would have a photograph of the condition with corresponding detailsof the same . The content can be from basic anatomy to advanced innovations. Ideally personal photos or contents to be updated  to avoid copyright issues with valid consents obtained from patients as and when required. We wish to archive the notes into further sub- specialities and could  be used from the forum website and other handles


Anyone can volunteer, flash notes will have details and photograph of the person making

it with various handles the flash notes would be circulated and this would provide national recognition to the volunteer.

Looking forward to your submissions, every flash note made would definitely make a difference in a society like ours.

For details mail to yoflashnotes@gmail.com


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