Some benefits of YOSI Membership :

1. Become a part of one of the largest Young Ophthalmologist groups of the world.
2. Access to YOSI publications ( YO TiMES, YOSI Newsletter etc)
3. Access to an online repository of essential reading material
4. Participation in YOSI Sessions at International, National & State levels
5. Submit Videos to YO Tube, the official You Tube channel of YOSI
6. Submit Flash notes to YOSI Flash notes
7. Become eligible for the annual YOSI Young Ophthalmologist Award
8. Network with Young Ophthalmologist at an international level
9. Access to YOSI Fellowship Help Desk
10. YOSI Mentor Mentee Program
11. Take benefit of the YOSI Research Cell in publishing and presenting your work
12. Participate in the annual AIOS YOSI Writing Competition & more…..