YO Slides Published in 2020

YO Slides are published every Friday since the first release on 15th August 2020. You can find all the titles published in year 2020 below. You can click on individual titles to preview the presentation right here. For spreading the joy of knowledge, the presentations are free to download. Each presentation is accompanied by a handout which is essentially a long essay on the same topic with more detailed explanations of the concepts.

Episode 1a: Phacodynamics By Dr Nilesh Kumar

Episode 1b: Keratoprosthesis by Dr Aswathi N Satheesh

Episode 2: Retinoblastoma by Dr Milu Mohandas

Episode 3: Chemical Injuries by Dr Athira Devaraj

Episode 4: Anatomy of Retina by Dr Yashaswi Goynka

Episode 5: Wet ARMD by Dr Nilanjan Chowdhury

Episode 6: Traumatic hyphema by Dr Nilesh Kumar

Episode 7: Pathogenesis of Glaucoma by Dr Nilesh Kumar

Episode 8: Electroretinogram by Dr Kelini Saolapurkar

Episode 9: Corneal Drawings by Dr Shrungari Vaghela

Episode 10: Congenital Cataract by Dr Neelam Khatwani

Episode 11: Antiviral Drugs by Dr Niharika

Episode 12: Artificial Intelligence by Dr Supriya Mushriff

Episode 13: Pathogenesis of Diabetic Retinopathy by Dr Ninan Jacob

Episode 14: Anatomy of Cornea by Dr Akshita Agrawal

Episode 15: Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy by Dr Ninan J

Episode 16: Clinical Trials in Microbial Keratitis by Dr Niharika

Episode 17: Anatomy of Conjunctiva by Dr Mohan S

Episode 18: Anterior Segment Ischemia by Dr Asmita Patne Chauhan

Episode 19: Gaze Palsies by Dr Sanjana Jaiswal

Episode 20: Refractive Surgery-LASIK by Dr Neelam Khatwani

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