Young Ophthalmologists Society of India ( YOSI )

The Young Ophthalmologists Society of India (YOSI) was established on 1st January 2014 under the able leadership of Dr Tarun Arora & Dr Vijay Sharma. It is a registered society affiliated to All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS) that caters exclusively to the needs of ophthalmologists in training , within five years of training or ophthalmologists under 40 years of age. At present, it has a membership of over 2,700 and has risen as a platform for the for Young Ophthalmologists(YO) to voice their concerns and get guidance for a successful and balanced career. It also aims to act as a bridge between the senior leadership and the young ophthalmologists.

YOSI had humble beginnings and started as an online platform. The power of social media was used to connect young ophthalmologists. Online platforms like Facebook and twitter were utilised for information sharing, case discussions, job opportunities, emotional sup- port and other relevant issues. YO Central , a Dropbox based distribution platform was established which housed hundreds of e-books and journals for the use of our members.

YOSI started a quarterly magazine, the YO Times, which gave YOs the opportunity to see their  work  in  print.  It  also  contains  words  of  wisdom  form  our  leaders,  senior ophthalmologists and clinically relevant articles as well. We have published 14 issues till date, and all have been highly successful. YO Tube ( Chief Editor : Dr Karan Bhatia) a YouTube channel  was  created  to  generate  educational  content  in  video  format.  It  is regularly updated with high quality ophthalmic videos. Another project by YOSI is the YOSI Flashnotes (Editors : Dr Awaneesh Upadhyay & Dr Chintan Desai). The flash notes aid in understanding and memorising ophthalmic facts and knowledge quickly. YOSI is working on a Mentor   Mentee program, which will help YOs to connect directly with the masters.

YOSI has been very active in conducting physical meetings as well. We conducted our first meeting YES(Young Eye Surgeons) meet in Delhi in 2015. We have been part of sessions at an international level like in EURETINA, Vienna 2018 & APAO Bangkok 2019. Under the guidance of Dr Namrata Sharma, we conducted our first international meeting the AIOS-YOSI Forum in November 2018 in collaboration with All India Ophthalmological Society & Singapore Society of Ophthalmology.

For the first time in the history of AIOC a dedicated YO Lounge was created during AIOC2019, Indore. It was packed with YO Centric activities ( Meet the Mentors, YOSI HACKATHON,  YORCC(Young  Ophthalmolo-  gists  Retina  Case  Competition),  Young Ophthalmologists Oculoplasty Case Competition, Extempore Speech Competitions etc)  and  was  very  popular  amongst  the  young  surgeons.  YOSI  also  conducted  two Instruction Courses in AIOC2019 under the supervision of Dr Lalit Verma. In collaboration with AIOS ARC and under guidance of Dr Partha Biswas , YOSI conducted the AIOS ARC YOSI QUIZ at AIOC2019 which had prizes upto 2 Lakh Rupees.Under guidance of Dr S Natarajan, YOSI conducted the AIOS YOSI Writing Competition on the theme of Diabetic Retinopathy Screening. The competition was judged by Dr Suber Huang, Dr Harsha Bhattacharjee, Dr Vishal Agarwal & Dr Neha Goel. It received a record number of entries & ten winners were awarded travel grants for AIOC2020, free registration for AIOC2020 and ophthalmic text books at AIOC2019.

Our seniors have been extremely supportive and granted us sessions in the major nation- al level conferences like AIOC, ISCKRS, KERACON, EIZOCON, IIRSI, iFOCUS, OPAI etc.  Major  state  societies  like  Delhi  (DOS),  Maharshatra  (MOS),  (  West  Bengal (OSWB), Orissa(OSSA) , Karnataka (KOS), Punjab (POS), Uttar Pradesh (UPSOS), Bihar (VRSB) have welcomed YOSI with open arms to conduct sessions in their state conferences. These session have been very well attended have received a lot of apprecia- tion.


The first ever YOSI elections were conducted in November 2018 and a young and ener- getic team was elected ( President : Dr Digvijay Singh, Vice President : Dr Sonal Kalia, Secretary : Dr Diva Kant Misra, Jt. Secretary : Dr Karan Bhatia, Treasurer : Dr Indeevar Mishra, Jt. Treasurer : Dr Awaneesh Upadhyay, Academic Incharge : Dr Apoorva Aya- chit.). A team of Executive Members were also elected: Dr. Akshay Nair, Dr. Aniruddha Agarwal, Dr. Annu Joon, Dr. Ashish Ahuja, Dr. Bhavik Panchal, Dr. Biswajit Dey,Dr. Chintan  Desai,  Dr.  Jay  Sheth,  Dr.  Sahil  Bhandari,  Dr.  Mainak  Bhattacharyya,  Dr. Mayank Bansal, Dr. Neha Goel, Dr. Nandini Chandak, Dr. Nilutparna Deori, Dr. Ronak Solanki,  Dr  Samendra  Kharkur,  Dr.  Saurabh  Agarwal,  Dr.  Sumit  Grover,  Dr. Vaitheeswaran L G, Dr. Vedang Shah.

YOSI has been very active in collaborating with international ophthalmic societies. Our executive  member  Dr  Aniruddha  Agarwal  officially  represented  YOSI  at  AAO2018, Chicago. Dr Diva Kant Misra was invited to represent YOSI at EURETINA 2019, Vienna. Dr Diva Kant Misra represented YOSI in a APAO-AAO-SOE (European Society of Oph- thalmology)-YOSI joint session at APAO2019, Bangkok.

A YOSI delegation ( Dr Diva Kant Misra, Dr Karan Bhatia, Dr Ashish Ahuja & Dr Mainak Bhattacharyya ) was given travel grants and invited by the Korean Ophthalmo- logical Society to participate in their 121st Annual Congress in Busan, South Korea. YOSI has established strong ties with American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO YO) European  Society  of  Ophthalmology  (SOE  YO),  Singapore  Society  of Ophthalmology  (SSO  YO),  Hong  Kong  Society  of  Ophthalmology  YO, Ophthalmological  Society  of  South  Africa  (OSSA  YO),  Turkish  Ophthalmic Association (TOA YO) and other prominent societies.

Dr Diva Kant Misra has been invited to speak in the YO Session of  American Academy of Ophthalmology 2019, San Francisco. Dr Samendra Karkhur & Dr Diva Kant Misra have been invited to speak in the Turkish Ophthalmic Association annual conference 2019, Antalya, Turkey.

In an attempt to decentralise its activities and to manage the increasing number of its members, YOSI has decided to form state chapters. Maharashtra Ophthalmic Society (MOS) has allowed us to create the first state YOSI chapter and we have formed a joint committee of ten members  to cater to the needs of Young Ophthalmologists in Maharash- tra. Additionally, MOS has given dedicated slots to YOSI in the upcoming MOSCON2019. Similarly Odisha YOSI chapter was launched on 16th June in Bhubhaneshwar under the leadership of Dr Biswajit Dey. Jammu & Kashmir, Assam, New Delhi and many other state chapters are in the pipeline.

In collaboration with AIOS, YOSI is in the process of formulating Travel & Research grants for young ophthalmologists who have interest in research related activities.

With the strong foundations laid by our founders, support of our senior leaders & backing of a strong team, YOSI has reached a place where it can actually support and guide YOs in their careers and beyond. We hope to continue doing good work & make a positive im- pact in the lives of young ophthalmologists.


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